A new beginning for Sensei LMS

The release of the 2.0 version of Sensei – now called Sensei LMS – while does not bring new functionalities, it does put this WordPress based learning management system on a different trajectory.

Sensei LMS is now free

Sensei LMS 2.0 is now available on the WordPres.org Plugin Directory free of charge for anyone who wants to create online courses. Before the 2.0 version, Sensei was only available on WooCommerce.com as a paid plugin.

The future of Sensei LMS

Based on the recent activities on GitHub, the team behind Sensei LMS is focusing their efforts on the collecting usage data. Don’t worry, they do not collect sensitive information, and it’s opt-in, it happens with your consent.

This is a clear indication that Automattic takes Sensei LMS seriously and they want to grow this plugin in the right direction. We recommend you to share the usage tracking to help them form a clear picture.

The LMS market is a competitive one, and it’s too early to tell the rate of adoption of Sensei LMS, but we expect that the community and the ecosystem to grow significantly in the following months. We also foresee a faster release cycle and bug fixes to be addressed more promptly.

WooCommerce Paid Courses

There is one more significant change compared to the previous version of Sensei, the integration with WooCommerce is no longer present in Sensei LMS’ core codebase. It’s offered as a separate extension called WooCommerce Paid Courses.

This means you are free to create courses with Sensei LMS and you only have to purchase an extension if you decide that you want to monetize your online courses with WooCommerce.