Introducing Sent Messages for Sensei LMS

Sensei LMS is one of the few WordPress based learning management systems that enable students to contact the course authors privately.

No matter where you are, going over a lesson, or taking a quiz, you have a contact button that gives you the possibility to send a message.

With every message sent, a new thread is created. This thread-like way to organize messages helps students to focus on one question at the time.

By default, there is no way to have access to previously sent messages from the course, lessons, or quizzes. The only option to see the messages is by going to the Inbox page. This might be cumbersome, especially if you sent a few messages and you are expecting an answer.

Sent Messages for Sensei LMS addresses this shortcoming by giving you quick access to previous messages.

Once you sent a private message, the „View previous lesson messages” link is added under the „Contact lesson teacher” button.

If you click on it, you are going to have access to the latest messages sent from the page.